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Lemonade Stand

HouseholdMove LemonadeStand 5HouseholdMove LemonadeStand 6On a pleasant summer day, your lemonade stand could bring new customers (and new friends) from blocks around. All you’ll need is a pitcher of lemonade and paper cups before you greet your customers. But be warned… free samples are the order of the day when the new family on the block opens a lemonade stand.





Cartons Needed: 1 dish pack, 1 wardrobe with top
HouseholdMove LemonadeStand 7Step 1:Cut out the shaded area of the wardrobe carton to form the arched doorway. HouseholdMove LemonadeStand 8Step 2:Cut the end flaps from the dish pack carton.
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We got back all our belongings. The teams who did the packing and delivery in both Bulgaria and France were wonderful. All is fine from our side. Thank you so much for your professionalism and help brought during this move. We really appreciate to work with you.

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