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Allied Van

HouseholdMove AlliedVan 7HouseholdMove AlliedVan 6Everyday is moving day when you have your own Allied Van. This project can be fun for a whole truckload of your new friends.

To make the van more interesting, add a dashboard complete with gauges and a speedometer. A steering wheel can be made from an extra piece of corrugated carton.

Making the Allied Van is more difficult than some of the other Carton Caper ideas, so plan carefully before you begin.



Cartons Needed: 3 wardrobe
HouseholdMove AlliedVan 8Step 1:Using one wardrobe carton, carefully measure then cut or score as indicated. Leave two or three uncut areas on the door for hinges. HouseholdMove AlliedVan 9Step 2:Tape the roof of the cab to the body. Two more assembled wardrobe cartons will make the trailer. Tape all three cartons together.
HouseholdMove AlliedVan 10Step 3:For the large doors at the back of the truck, extra pieces of board may be cut and taped on.
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