Move Obstacles: How to Avoid Them


For many, moving overseas seems like a big adventure, especially to Greece. Whether relocating for work or just for the change in scenery, the whole sense of change and transition will build up high expectations. For you it is best to stay organized and focus while getting ready for the move. Many delays and obstacles can occur along the way. We, at Allied are international moving experts, which had dealt with many moving obstacles. Below is our short guide on how to minimize the risks, and get through any issues that may occur:

Eliminate obvious obstacles

The best way to deal with difficulties and risks is by preventing them beforehand. Allied recommends to keep up communications with all parties involved in the move. The experienced professional movers can always help with any issues that may arise and can make adequate decisions if something actually goes wrong.


Make sure the new accommodation is ready before moving so you aren’t suddenly trying to find a replacement last minute. Ensure all work permits and visas are prearranged. Make sure all family members are well informed on the custom regulations and restrictions for the new destination. Allied moving agents always provide such information.

Don’t expect to get settled in same day

You should always carry your living essentials. Otherwise you can ship them with priority. Account and credit cards set ups are always beneficial. As well as having cash on hand.


Any concerns about your upcoming move, don’t hesitate to contact us.