How Does the Packing Service Work?

Packing Service

Having your house packed up is an option that can make your move faster, simpler and less stressful. A professional crew will visit you the day before your move. Our people will help you pack everything. They will carry with them all of the essential packing materials. It is an easy task: You tell them what needs to be packed. They pack it. Packing services will make your move easier and quicker than doing it by yourself.


There are some things you can do to make the whole packing service (and unpacking service) easier: Get rid of all the items, that you don’t want to necessarily move, before the packing crew arrives. That way there won’t be any confusion regarding what needs to be packed. Put remotes with their components. Be sure to prepare the items that you want to pack together. Take the time to pack your belongings, that you want to take with you. Such belongings are valuables items like jewelry and small electronics. You can either take them with yourself, or you can label them as a “First Night” items, so that you can find them easier after the packing/unpacking process is all done. Mark the fragile items like clocks, antiques, etc. That way the packing crew can pack them appropriately. They will also make sure to pay more attention to them.


During the packing service you may want to give some basic instructions to the crew. You can tell them for an example how you would like them to label the boxes. That way you will have an easier time unpacking in your new home. It may help if you are there during the packing process. That way you can answer to any questions that could eventually come up.


If you choose a full service move, your items will be unpacked for you. All the boxes will be removed. But you will still need to take care of your belongings. If you didn’t pay attention to the whole process of packing items together, you may have a hard time finding things like remotes and parts. Again, it may be helpful to be at the unpacking to provide necessary directions.


If you’re interested in packing services or a full service move, please contact your agent. And even if you decide to do the packing and the unpacking by yourself, your agent can still deliver all the boxes. Packing materials can also be delivered at the desired location.